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What is DesDinations?


Travel that enriches your life.


At DesDinations, this is my motto. Travel opens your eyes to the world around you. You discover new sights, tastes, sounds, new ways of doing things, thinking about things. Travel is felt in your soul, adding meaning to your life and broadening your horizons.


DesDinations was created by me, Dina, to inspire your exploration of our diverse, beautiful world. I create travel experiences tailored to your interests, needs and wants and am only as involved as you need me to be to ensure your trip is spectacular and memorable.


My list of specialties will keep expanding, but I am able to curate a trip to almost anywhere in the world; my goal is to make you insatiably eager to explore and learn more about our fascinating planet and the people making it special and infinitely unique.


Who is Dina?



I am passionate about travel and thorough in preparation. I take great joy in putting together successful trips that let others experience the joys of travel. I left the comforts of the corporate world to do what I love, and I work with great detail and care to ensure that you are happy with your trip from start to finish.


Having studied abroad in Italy, traveled to 19 countries and islands, and planned countless couple, family, and group trips, including my own destination wedding, I am committed to providing incredible experiences for my clients!


I love to meet new people, explore new places, and immerse myself in new experiences. My goal is always to listen to your preferences and do my best to ensure that no stone goes unturned when curating your custom trip. When I am not on the search for the next adventure or head buried deep learning about new destinations, cultures, travel suppliers, etc., you can find me dancing, cooking up a storm, throwing a party, reading, and of course, eating sushi!


Allow me to help you create great memories!



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