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Real Trips

St. John USVI - Group Short Break

"Dina did an amazing job organizing our large group's trip to the U.S. Virgin Islands. She booked a villa with a spectacular view of the ocean (pictured left) at a very reasonable price, taking into account the number of couples and single people in our group for the sleeping arrangements. Dina also arranged all transportation (ferries, car rental) and activities (snorkeling, dining) in advance, and then coordinated on-location with all the vendors. All *we* had to do was kick back, relax, and enjoy the beautiful beaches and marine wildlife!"

"Dina is a game-changer when it comes to travel.  She organized my trip to St. John’s in the Virgin Island and made sure that it was an amazing experience. I couldn’t imagine having so much fun if it wasn’t for her.  She found us one of the most beautiful villas that I have ever stayed at for an incredible price and with a stunning view.  Just staying at the villa would have been enough for me.  But of course, she didn’t stop there; she sent us to some of the most beautiful beaches with lots of sites to see.  Everything that she recommended and organized was perfect and effortless.  She found the best restaurants and nightlife.  She made getting around easy.  She had fun activities planned for every moment of the day.  The only drawback is that now I have become spoiled and would never want to go on a trip without her help. "

Italy - Family Trip

"Thank you to Dina at DesDinations for planning our entire family's and group of new friends' destination wedding trip to Italy. Dina was there for us with everything, finding the best deals on flight fare, accommodations and car rental, preparing our itinerary, booking our guided tours, sharing  with us tips on every detail such as finding closest car rental pick and drop off locations, currency exchange, things to see, things to do, and getting around by taxi, water bus, and train, etc. Dina's knowledge and compassion made our trip EASY:), informative and fun. We will come back and recommend DesDinations."

Iceland - Group Trip

"March 2016: Dina planned an immaculate trip for a group of 11 very close (yet very different) friends into the land of ice (AKA IceIceBaby, AKA Iceland). Dina found an incredible package revolving around accommodations, airfare and activities. I mention that this is an incredible package because Dina did her due diligence and highlighted the cost savings in each of these categories. Dina was also able to negotiate the seemingly standard package and find additional and alternative attractions to better suit the group. Friends soon found out about the steal of a deal that Dina negotiated. Although the deal expired, Dina was able to masterfully piece together a comparable package to expand our group of jolly ice-pickers.


Every day felt like a celebration between the catered itinerary which included delicious meals at restaurants that Dina chose well ahead of time. In addition to the attractions (did I mention food?), Dina found scenic routes and quaint walking tours and paths everywhere we went. She had an activity for every place and every time of day! When the weather didn't go our way, Dina always pulled a fun option out of her sleeve to save the day. 


All in all, Dina was an enlightening, light-hearted rallyer for our scatter-brained group; her fun yet organized approach really helped us make the most of our numbered days on this remote destination. I would definitely recommend Dina's careful touch and unique service to anyone looking for a group trip of any size :)"

NH White Mountains - Small Group Trip

"A group of 4 of us were looking for a last minute escape from NYC for an extended weekend. We reached out to Dina and within hours we had a fully built itinerary loaded with everything we were looking for: hiking trails, accomodations, quaint towns, good ice cream joints and scenic drives. 


Dina is quick to understand her client's needs and provides an unmatched service. Dina's intimate knowledge of New Hampshire's White Mountains definitely created such an incredible experience- every day we would simply follow the carefully laid out agenda and suggestions and we couldn't have been happier. Whether Dina knows the area or not, she is sure to use her handy resourcefulness to craft an unforgettable experience. Many thanks for the good times Dina- the White Mountain Pack sends many howls your way! :)"

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